Mitch Butler, founder of Image Vision, says his company software tracks obscene, inappropriate communcation between people

11:53 PM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Mitch Butler, the co-founder and COO of Image Vision, says he and his company have come up with software that can track obscene and inappropriate cyber communications between two people. 

Butler says he came up with the idea after his daughter received a "sext" message from a teen who had sent a picture of his genitalia to her. 

Now, he has a program that serves as an automated filter of messages. He says, in a nutshell, the software uses algorithms that teach computers how to detect obscene images and inappropriate language. 

Butler said, " A human could maybe look at 5,000 images in an hour. One server with our software...50,000 plus."

The software, although currently used by social media companies to monitor images, can also be set up so the public or even government agencies can use it. Most recently, the Petraeus sex scandal is an example of how government agencies could benefit from the software he is developing, says Butler.  

At the center of the Petraeus investigations are tens of thousands of e-mails between all of those people involved. Butler claims his software would help in sifting through all those communications. 

Butler said, "We've actually had conversations with several different entities of the government. You know the three letters here...the three letters there."

The technology is currently only available to social media companies, but Butler hopes the public and government can get their hands on it sometime next year.

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