Let's Be Real: Hope and Change for the GOP

11:22 PM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -   There are those who've suggested the Republican party is in dire staits following its losses in this week's election.  I'd argue the GOP's difficulties are almost certainly overestimated.

But the party IS in a perplexing predicament. Most folks remember 1980 as the year an ascendant Ronald Reagan blew an ineffective Jimmy Carter out of office by a landslide. What they may forget is that Republicans picked up 12 senate seats that year as well, effectively putting the political kibosh on a whole generation of old school liberals.

Democrats knew they had to change or die, but it took a dozen years, and Bill Clinton,  to actually move them to the center. Fast forward to 2012. And it's the GOP that must change, reach out to new constituencies: Latinos, Asians, African Americans. Problem is, .there seem to be two Republican parties. You've got the sober thoughtful types who really want smaller government and lower taxes.But you've also got the anti-immigrant hardliners, and the Hank Williamses and Donald Trumps of the world who say President Obama is a Muslim or at the very least really wasn't really born here.

These are the people Mitt Romney was afraid to offend, because frankly..he needed their votes. So then, let's be real. How DO you expand the GOP base, make those minority voters you need feel welcome, when there's a vocal segment of that same base that doesn't really want those people around? And you still need them too.

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