Let's Be Real: The Truth About Elections

11:41 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - We've learned debates do matter. Pundits will argue the point but there's no dispute Mitt Romney was dead in the water until that first debate.

Not only that, but millions of Americans tuned in for 20 of them during the Republican primaries. And if you don't  think that mattered, we also learned sadly, there is no penalty for lying to the American people. Both candidates consistently lobbed monstrous falsehoods at each other. Fact checkers went nuts, but not us voters.

Which is a bit tragic when you think what sort of behavior you'd expect if your eight-year-old got the idea that telling lies really didn't really matter.

 Another disappointing reality we must accept: Americans have no interest in third party candidates. Sure, voters may claim to want some common-sense outsider to swing to the rescue, but what they really want is to win. And in the angry 50-50 nation, who wastes a vote on a principled third party loser?

And finally, the big winner in this year's election? Early voting. Millions lined up to avoid having to line up on election day. 32 states will let you do that. Why not 50? Make it unanimous.

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