Criminal charges filed against alleged assailant of Preston Deener, Brunswick, Md., teen who was attacked during interview on bullying

5:34 PM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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BRUNSWICK, Md. (WUSA) -  Criminal charges have been filed against a Maryland teen accused of attacking a classmate who was being interviewed by a news crew at the time.

The subject of the interview? bullying. And a portion of the attack was caught on tape.

A 15-year old boy is now charged as a juvenile with 2nd degree assault --- and the kid who claim to be the victim of bullying will be the guest of honor tonight at an alternative homecoming dance party.

Video shows 15-year old Preston Deener being chased after allegedly being assaulted while standing for an interview with WHAG television --- an interview-- about being bullied.
Deener had talked to 9News shortly after the alleged assault.

Now one of the teens seen in the video has been charged as a juvenile by the Frederick County Sheriff's department with second degree assault.

Deener's mother was in tears on Monday,calling for action.

The TV attack happened as Deener took his complaints about bullying public after being suspended on October 3rd -- for fighting.

He claims he was standing up for himself for the first time after years of harassment, and was punished unfairly.

After charges in the case, schoolmates Brunswick High have opinions all over the map.

The TV attack has has struck a chord: on Facebook, comments include support from DC area boxing gym owner Buddy Harrison who calls bullies "cowards for real."

Tonight, yet another turn in this story as Deener is the guest of honor at an alternative Homecoming Dance organized by his family and supporters.

Among the other guests expected to turn out are school administrators and Frederick county's Commission President Blaine Young.

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