Cynthia Livingston of Howard University Hospital, Washington, D.C., built on site of former Griffith Stadium, says baseball history is a proud part of hospital's past

10:36 PM, Oct 10, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Before Wednesday afternoon, the last time a Major League Baseball playoff game took place in Washington, the team was called the Senators. They were led by their shortstop and manager Joe Cronin. And the games were played in Northwest Washington, on the site of what is now Howard University Hospital.

Now doctors and nurses, patients and visitors frequently pass by the hospital's impressive tribute to Griffith Stadium, home to the Washington Senators from 1911-1960.  That was the site of the District's last baseball playoff game, game five of the 1933 World Series.

Robert Williams is a doctor at Howard University Hospital. He grew up within shouting distance of Griffith Stadium, and went to the ballpark all the time. Speaking at the spot where home plate used to be, Dr. Williams says memories of Griffith Stadium are very much a part of his workplace. When asked if he could feel the spirit of the Senators and of Griffith Stadium, he didn't hesitate: "Absolutely, absolutely, it carries over," Dr. Williams replied.

Cynthia Livingston, the hospital's community services director, says Griffith Stadium is a proud part of the hospital's past, which she's constantly reminded of by baseball lovers around the world.

"You have those fans who scour the country for old ballparks, and we've had visitors who've come here from Japan, China, Minnesota, different parts of the United States. They just want to take a picture next to home plate," Livingston said.





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