Nationals Versus Orioles Fans Under A Single Roof

3:45 PM, Oct 7, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA)--What a great season it's been for local baseball fans! Unless you've been under a rock, you know that the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles have made it into post-season play. But that means there are families with divided loyalties, like the Ringley-Potters.

Dad Jon and 6 year-old son, Noah, root for the Nats.

"Nats and Bryce Harper," said Noah, wearing a Nats ballcap, a Nats t-shirt and with his little hand stuffed into a giant Nats foam finger.

His father Jon explained, "My wife and I work downtown and we've gone to so many games, we've brought the boys to games. So we couldn't have asked for a better year than this."

19 year-old Zack, a college student, and 6 year-old Sam are fans of the Orioles.

"Because my favorite color is black and orange," said Sam, wearing a bright orange Orioles jersey.

"When I was young, DC didn't have a baseball team. So I rooted for the next closest, which was the Orioles. When the Nationals came, I couldn't just ditch my Orioles. I just stuck with the allegiance to Baltimore," said Zack.

Across the Washington area, baseball fans have a wonderful quandary on their hands: two local teams that are winning.

"I flew Zack home from college so that we could go to the Orioles game, because he has never been to a baseball playoff game," said Jon, wearing a Nats t-shirt.

Added Zack, in an Orioles jersey, "We're trying to take care of the Yankees. Looking to make it a Beltway world series. That'd be great."

"We're having a great year. We're having fun. Win. Win. Win. And keep winning," said Jon.

We all know that the Mason-Dixon line separates the North from the South. But where is the dividing line between Nats fans and those who root for the Os? To weigh in, go to our WUSA9 Facebook page:

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