Alton Irwin, Capstone On-Campus Mgt. Spokesman, Describes Bedbugs at U. Md. College Park as an 'Increasing problem'

9:54 PM, Oct 5, 2012   |    comments
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WUSA) -- Bedbugs inside a dorm building at the University of Maryland in College Park are keeping students up at night.

The infestation has been documented in 2 apartments inside building 7 at the South Campus Commons.

Capstone On-Campus Management is the the company that manages the property, and according to them they are aware of the issue and are working to rid the units of the bedbugs.

An email has been sent out to all the students who live at Commons, notifying them about the bedbugs and urging them to submit a work order if they suspect a problem.

In one letter to the students, a company official wrote:

"I understand that your room has recently been treated for bed bugs and that this can be an incredibly frustrating process. Bed bugs are an incredibly crafty pest that are troublesome to detect (especially in occupied spaces with extra hiding places), easily transported from one location to another, and are highly resistant to treatments. Bed bugs are especially hard to diagnose since their bites can so closely resemble those of many other types of insects. In order to raise the probability of successful treatment as quickly as possible, I am aware that the exterminator makes recommendations that are geared to ensure the bugs are not maintained in certain belongings, that those belongings are separated from areas where bed bugs could be residing, and advises actions to take to avoid the possible spread of the bed bugs. It may be an unpleasant process, but the recommendations are made to protect you from transporting the bugs from one area to another."  

Alton Irwin, the Chief Marketing Officer of Capstone On-Campus Management, said they were alerted to the issue in late September and described the issue as an "increasing problem."

Turna Mukherje, lives in one of the apartments that has bed bugs and said, "I keep waking up with bites."

9News obtained exclusive video of one of the infested apartments that shows the conditions those who live there have to deal with.

Their clothes and belongings have had to be bagged, and their beds stripped of their bedsheets. 

Students said part of their frustration stems from the fact that they feel it took too long for the Commons staff to take action.
In fact, one student said she had to actually capture a bedbug to prove the unit was infested and finally get the exterminators to come out.

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