Who Will Throw Out The First Pitch During Nats Playoff Games?

3:26 PM, Sep 28, 2012   |    comments
Nats celebrate (via US Presswire)
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- I've personally never been involved with playoff baseball. But from what I've read, heard and been told, we will be able to actually feel a legitimate buzz in Washington D.C.

That particular buzz will reach a fever pitch right before the first pitch. Speaking of that, who would actually be invited to throw the pitch?

Anthony Williams: The man who brought baseball back to Washington D.C. will forever be linked to the Nationals franchise.

Wolf Blitzer: A champion of #Natitude, Blitzer will probably launch himself onto the field if the organization doesn't extend the the invite.

Frank Robinson: One of Davey Johnson's best friends and the Washington Nationals first ever manager. This is a guy who smiles less than 20 times a year. Hopefully his former team's success can lighten his mood.

Joe Gibbs: Two words -- championship pedigree. Fans would go absolutely nuts. A 'Hail to the Redskins' ode would not be out of the question either.

Linda Cropp: This shows how the Nats have had a bandwagon effect in town. The woman who nearly prevented baseball from returning is now fully on board.

Robert Griffin III: But he's only allowed to throw out the first pitch if he starts his windup by scrambling from second base -- while all of you mistakenly hold your breath. :-)

Samuel L. Jackson: This is a stretch, but I feel like this list needed some Hollywood appeal. Plus Jackson was tweeting about the Nats earlier this summer

Stephen Strasburg: Can you imagine how emotional this would be? I'd predict a minimum of a three-minute standing ovation, and possibly tears from the normally stoic Strasburg. A 25-man team group hug better ensue following the pitch.

Wale: Some will say he's overexposed in this town but the bottom line is that many consider the native son to currently be a top five recording artist in the hip-hop industry. His 2.3 million Twitter followers can't be ignored either. Here's my Wale interview from July.

Cryogenically frozen Ted Williams: Hey, the baseball legend was the Senators manager from 1969-1971.

Thomas Boswell: This probably won't happen either, but the only word to describe the Washington Post columnist writing about the 2012 Nationals season would be poetic. I sincerely hope he's also working on a book.

Ted Leonsis: He's a big figurehead in this town and his blog post(s) about the experience would be epic. Plus it would be really refreshing to see him wearing something other than a suit.

Dan Snyder:  872 percent chance Snyder declines the invitation. Plus, the boos would not be a good way to start a playoff baseball game.

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