Couch To 5K With Jessica Doyle: Week 3, More Couch Than 5K

10:20 AM, Sep 28, 2012   |    comments
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This week is Week Three for Jessica Doyle on her Couch to 5K running program. So, why is she just finishing up Week Two of her program? Jessica got very sick a week and a half ago and she says that put a really big crimp in her plans.

What should you do with your running program if you get a cold? Some runners use the "Neck Rule" to decide. Symptoms affecting you below the neck, say you have a chest cold or body ache, then you take time off. Symptoms above the neck, runny nose, cough, you can still run. Here's the problem with the rule, a true sinus infection requiring antibiotics can escalate into pneumonia if you push yourself too much.

Jessica plans to start Week Three today. It looks like this:
- Five minute warm up.
- Two rounds of jogging for two minutes, walking for two minutes, jogging for three minutes and walking for two minutes.

You can find more tips on Jessica's new Blog on Tumblr, Couch to 5K with Jessica Doyle. Get off the couch and run with her!

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