Michelle Obama, Rev. Al Sharpton Among Attendees At Congressional Black Caucus Gala

12:16 PM, Sep 23, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Members and supporters of the Congressional Black Caucus packed into the Washington Convention Center on Saturday night for their annual gala culminating a weeks long conference.

Fresh on the minds of many were recent comments made by some religious leaders within black communities across the country who have urged their congregations to stay home and not vote this election. That suggestion comes as a form of opposition to president Barack Obama' support for gay marriage. The ministers continue to disagree with the president's view, and hope to discourage black voters from supporting Obama.

It's a move that the who's who in attendance at the CBC gala vehemently oppose.

Rev. Al Sharpton said, "anyone that would encourage people not to vote given what we had to go through to get the right to vote is someone who is operating at the height of amnesia."

Others who opposed the suggestion not to vote included CBC president and CEO, Dr. Elsie Scott.

Scott said, "We need every vote. Every vote counts. My father almost lost his life. He got shot trying to get the right to vote in Louisiana. So every time I cast my ballot I cast in memory of my father."

The reaction comes after the keynote speaker at the event, First Lady Michelle Obama rallied support saying voting is everyone's "birth right."

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