Thomas Gore, former deputy treasurer for Washington, D.C., mayor Vincent Gray's campaign, has pleaded guilty to felony charges for steering money to mayoral candidate Suliman Brown, then covering up payments

6:28 PM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - One of the key figures in the D.C. Corruption probe was back in court Tuesday.

Thomas Gore, former deputy treasurer for the Vincent Gray campaign, has already plead guilty to felony charges for steering money to fringe Mayoral candidate Suliaman Brown, then trying to cover the payments up.

9News's Bruce Johnson has been looking into where the federal probe stands and reports that  the federal probe isn't over. A number of people feel that it will now pick up in public view, now that the summer vacations are over.

Mayor Gray, before going silent per his attorney's advice, denied any wrongdoing. He's in Charlotte North Carolina for the Democratic National Convention. Gray paid his own way to the DNC with no staff and no security detail. On Tuesday afternoon, he led the DC delegation in a rally calling for budget autonomy, voting rights and Statehood for the District.

Two of those issues---voting rights and budget autonomy--are in the Democratic platform; Statehood is not.

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