Expected Release Dates For iPhone 5, Mini iPad, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface Tablet, Windows 8, Wii U

6:17 AM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Mark your calendars.You don't want to buy a new cell phone, tablet or e-reader without considering these dates first.

We start with September 12, the date Apple is rumored to be announcing the iPhone 5 or whatever they wind up calling it. It would land in stores by September 21. The rumor mill has it that the next iPhone will be thinner, faster and have a larger screen.

We're also hearing that we we learn more about a smaller iPad from Apple in October. It would compete with a growing crop of seven-inch tablets such as Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7.

Then there are two biggies on October 26. The first is the Microsoft Surface tablet. It's the first PC from Microsoft ever. The tablet will feature a built-in stand, cameras and a cover that doubles as a keyboard.

Also that day is Windows 8. The new version of the operating system is touch-screen enabled and is expected to inspire a new generation of PC gadgets -- such as ultrabooks, wall screens and even table tops in the coming months.

Then in October or November, Amazon.com is likely to release the new Kindle and Kindle Fire. There's a press event on Thursday so we'll probably learn more details. But the rumors are the Fire tablet will be lighter and thinner with a higher resolution. The e-reader could also have an on-board light.

Finally, here's one for gamers: September 13 is the date we might learn more from Nintendo about the Wii U. For now, all Nintendo is saying is the the updated console will be out in time for the holidays.

These dates are significant not just because we get a crack at new technology, but remember: the older models go on sale too. So it could be a good time to snag a bargain.

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