Pepco, BGE File $2.4M Losses Due To Disconnected Storm Customers, But Not Amount Maryland Consumers Will Pay

7:11 PM, Aug 17, 2012   |    comments
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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WUSA) 9 Wants to Know has obtained filings from Pepco and BGE claiming $2.4 million in losses because they couldn't bill customers disconnected during the 2012 derecho, but the papers do not specify what Maryland consumers will be expected to pay.

Maryland officials at the Public Service Commission and the Office of People's Counsel have not responded to 24 hours of requests from WUSA9 to explain the filings under the Maryland Bill Stabilization Adjustment (BSA).

"Most people didn't even know about this BSA," said Montgomery County Consumer Protection Director Eric Friedman, over enunciating the BS prior to the A. "Now when they find out about it, they're outraged."

Friedman said frustration is growing because Pepco did not include the first 24 hours of losses, which has been under scrutiny since a 9 Wants to Know report exposed a Maryland order allowing the utility to bill customers for the disconnection time.

Click here to see original story where 9 Wants to Know exposed the bills for disconnected customers:

According to the documents, Pepco claims losses of $1.19M and BGE claims losses of $1.27 in the week following the first 24 hours of the storm.

Friedman said those numbers make it likely the amount customers will be billed for will exceed $1 million.

"We're totally frustrated about everything." Friedman said. "We still don't know."

Unlike Pepco, BGE has released estimates on total losses during the first 24 hours of the storm.

"The first 24 hour period that the utility is entitled to under the PSC's order is estimated to be about $600k," BGE Vice President Robert Gould said. ""Or about $0.49 per customer."

A Pepco spokesman said the 24 hour losses that will be billed to customers are not available.

"The official impact of the 24 hour period will not be known until next month," Bob Hainey, Pepco spokesman said. "Under the BSA, we recover a certain amount of revenue per customer per month."

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