Montgomery County "Ride-On" Bus Catches Fire

10:12 PM, Jul 18, 2012   |    comments
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SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA) -- Montgomery County Fire officials say the driver of a Ride On bus was at the end of his route Wednesday morning when he saw lights on the dashboard begin to flicker and then smelled smoke.

The incident happened at about 9:11 a.m. and the driver immediately called 911.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue crews responded to the scene to put out a small fire. The fire was believed to be an electrical fire.

We are told no passengers were on the bus.

The exact cause of the fire is under investigation.  Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett said in a statement today that in light of Wednesday's incident he "directed the Department of General Services to take all remaining Ride On Champion buses out of service -- permanently. "

He added that "Staff has been working aggressively to find replacement buses for the Champions. A number of the buses have already been replaced, and by the end of August, we will have the remaining replacement buses in service."

Ride-On bus fires are not exactly isolated incidents in the past year. Back in April the union that represents drivers of Ride-On buses in Montgomery County threatened to sue the county to get what it considers dangerous and unsafe buses off the road.

9 News took a trip down to where the burned buses are kept after they catch fire. You'd be surprised at the PHOTOS of the buses sitting in the Rockville lot. 

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