Mary Cheh, Muriel Bowser and David Catania Call For DC Mayor Vincent Gray's Resignation

10:56 PM, Jul 11, 2012   |    comments
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Video: DC Mayor: 'This Is Not The Campaign We Intended To Run'

Mary Cheh calls for DC Mayor Vincent Grays resignation on 9 News

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Three DC City Council Members are calling for the mayor's resignation on Wednesday evening. 

Muriel Bowser, Mary Cheh and David Catania are calling for Mayor Vincent Gray's resignation, after more details of a campaign finance scandal keep emerging. 

"Whether the mayor knew or not, he is the beneficiary of that activity, and I believe he should resign," Catania said.

"While I respect Mayor Gray very much and I came to admire him very much when he was chair of the council, I think he has to bear the responsibility of what was done in his name," Cheh added.

Gray's office responded to a request Wednesday evening by WUSA 9 for a comment from the Mayor about the councilmembers' comments. His spokesperson Pedro Ribeiro issued the following statement:

This is the kind of irresponsible talk we've come to expect from Councilmember Catania.

It's disappointing however that a constitutional scholar of Councilmember Cheh's caliber would call for a resignation before an investigation is complete.


A third person pleaded guilty Tuesday in a federal probe of the campaign. Prosecutors say she was part of a $650,000 illegal "shadow" campaign to get Vincent Gray elected.

Right after the comments on the launch of the Green Alley Program, a reporter asked him about the investigation. Mayor Gray smiled a bit before replying, "I'm glad we've paved the way to that question." Then he chuckled. "It's a pervious issue," he continued, chuckling again.

Gray told the reporter, "Well, you know, I would like to comment on all of this, to be honest with you. And as I've indicated along the way, this investigation is continuing... obviously it is, obviously there is additional infomation that is, uh, unfolding. 

Although the name of Harris' co-conspirator was not revealed in court, two people familiar with the investigation have told The Associated Press that the businessman accused of funding the shadow campaign is Jeffrey Thompson, a partner in an accounting firm who also owns a managed-care provider that is the city's largest contractor. The individuals spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose the information

Gray did not directly answer a question about whether Thompson handed him checks, but he said no candidate could be expected to personally vet every contribution.

Harris also pleaded guilty to conspiring to make straw contributions and said her co-conspirator would "bundle" the checks and hand them directly to candidates he supported. The co-conspirator later reimbursed the straw donors, including Harris, according to her plea.

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