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Ryan Eades of Washington, D.C., says flash flooding resulted in raw sewage in his basement pipes

5:15 PM, Jul 11, 2012   |    comments
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Water main break floods garage and at least two cars at 1818 N St NW DC (@BruceLeshan via Twitter)

NORTHWEST, DC (WUSA) -- The flash floods Tuesday night moved swiftly through the area but left a lasting impression and a mess for people in Northwest DC to clean up.

You can smell a strong scent of bleach in the Bloomingdale area of DC along Rhode Island Avenue and T Street.

People are draining water, cleaning backed up sewage and leaves from their basements after the quick moving storm
dropped a ton of rain Tuesday night.

Sylvester Whitney is mopping up.
"Oh, It's flooded, I mean see, I'm wet totally."

Another neighbor says, "It smells horrible out here."

Ryan Eades says he saw raw sewage coming up from the pipes.

"It was in the basement coming through the toilets and the front and back drain outside."

The downpour dropped a lot of rain in a short amount of time. Cars flooded, people were trying to get home in knee deep water and folks even driving through dangerous high water levels.

Residents have been through this many times before.
One neighbor says their basement flooded in August of 2010.
Another neighbor, Teres Boone says "This was nasty and it was bad but not as bad as 2002."

So when it pours it's what keeps Ryan up at night.
"I start pacing. Every 5 minutes I go downstairs to check on the water. It's not that we've been through this. It's knowing we'll go through it again."

DDOT Director Terry Bellamy says, "When you get that much water that fast, a traditional system won't be able to handle it so we are working on it. " 

Relief is coming to these century old pipes.

The DC Water And Sewage Authority is working on a multi-billion dollar combined sewage overflow plan called the Clean Rivers Project.

Huge tunnels and storage tanks are being built right now. 26 foot pipes are planned to handle storms like these.

But the completion date isn't set until 2025. So until then, Ryan Eades may continue his sleepless nights when it rains.

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