When Storms Arrive, Would Underground Power Lines Make A Difference?

9:15 PM, Jul 9, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON D.C. (WUSA) - In the aftermath of powerful storms that left many in our area without power,  with lines down for days, even a week,  some have suggested that placing powerlines underground is an alternative.

Some people, including DC Councilwoman Mary Cheh, think this would lead to fewer outages.  Cheh is introducing a bill to the council which would force the utility to lay more power lines underground. Cheh says no doubt the process is a costly one, but we have to start the conversation if we expect any improvements.

Thousands of DC residents were in the dark for several days after last week's wind storm that knocked down overhead wires. The councilmember says burying some of those lines would solve the problem but admits it's just one solution. She has also called on the public service commission to impose fines on Pepco, which the PSC has not done. However, she says through this legislation the power company would pay.

Watch Delia Goncalves' video for more on the bill. See Bruce Johnson's video above to see if underground lines are a viable option for our area.

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