Possian Headed To Nike Showcase

7:10 PM, Jul 6, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C.. (WUSA) - Even with temperatures in the triple digits, Josselin Possian's feet never stop.  This is his canvas and he is quite an artist.  "As my mom says, I've been playing since the age of one, I've always loved the sport," says Possian. 

His home team is Bell/Lincoln Multicultural School in Columbia Heights, but he's quickly becoming known nationally.  He recently beat out 500 players in the DMV to punch a ticket to the prestigious Nike Chance Soccer Camp later this month in Oregon.  The camp is a showcase where Possian will show off his footwork for some of the sport's premiere talent evaluators. 

"It still blows my mind," says Possian. If those evaluators like him, the multi-talented, multi-lingual striker who speaks French and Spanish as well as English, will be off to Spain for another showcase.  It's also not out of the question that a potential professional contract could come as a result.  

But this story has a serious side too.  Possian hails from West Africa's Ivory Coast.  At the age of nine he witnessed Civil War. "It was painful, It was sad because I see my people dying."  Moreover, his younger brother, LaGrand, passed away at age five due to sickness.  "My mom took him to the hospital and unfortunately he didn't make it back."  

He arrived in the United States at age 12, determined to succeed on the pitch, and off it.  He has.  "I think he deserves this as much as anybody I've ever met," says Bell Principal Maria Tukeva." "He was always so intense not only watching what was going on in soccer but also watching what was going on academically." 

So when Possian travels to Oregon in two weeks he'll have two goals, first impress the scouts, second, honor his lost brother. "He's also helping me and guiding me, he always with me."

David Owens, 9 Sports

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