Facing A 6th Hot Night In Fairfax County

5:22 PM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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RESTON, Va. (WUSA) -  Dominion Power says crews are working on the last remaining homes without power. In some cases they're having to remove big and small trees to get to the power lines. In other tough spots, they need to get into wooded areas.

Throughout Fairfax County and Northern Virginia, crews are feverishly working to get nearly 18 thousand people their lights on as of Wednesday evening.

Murray Land is facing a sixth night up in his 7th floor apartment building at Lake Anne Fellowship House off North Shore Drive in Reston.

He's walked all the way down to get some answers. He spotted someone with an official shirt on and asks:

"are you here to fix the elevator?"

He is in complete disgust when he finds out the man is from the phone company.

"I'm getting out of here and packing my bags."

Power returned Tuesday only to be cutoff again Wednesday morning. That means no air conditioner and no elevator for the 260 residents whom many suffer from health problems.

Murray's disappointment gives way to a glimmer of hope because crews are nearby working on their lights.
But as of 6pm Wednesday, the lights weren't on.

It's all Barry Colston can think about in Great Falls off Seneca Road and Route 7.

No power or water has been draining for him and his two horses.
"Well, I just hope they get it fixed today, that's all I can say. It's hot. Sweat just pours off. It's miserable," he said

He and his wife have been taking trips to the nearest fire departments to get water.

Dominion Power says they've been able to cut down the power outages by half each day. They are a day ahead of schedule and are hoping to get most, if not all back on line by Wednesday night.

While residents at Lake Anne Fellowship house wait, Murray just got word he got his lights back on and will have a much cooler night than the last five.

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