Health Violations Closed Subway, McDonald's, And Other Restaurants in DC, Alexandria, and Prince George's County

4:28 PM, Jun 15, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- A 9 Wants to Know review of health department restaurant closures for the week ending June 8, 2012, identified seafood and meat at unsafe temperatures, sewage, hand washing violations,or mice at locations in DC, Alexandria, and Prince George's County.

Two of the violators were big name chain restaurants.

Subway manager interrupts TV interview


Click on the video attachment to see what a fast food manager did in the middle of one of our interviews as a customer walked out of her store.

The manager at Subway, 3720 Georgia Avenue NW, walked out of her recently suspended store and interrupted our interview telling the customer to tell our camera "how good our sandwiches are."

Last week inspectors cited the Subway restaurant for ten critical violations, including food at improper temperatures, like ham at 45 degrees and roast beef at 55, that's 14 degrees warmer than the food code required, safe, 41 degrees.

In April they Subway was cited for storing seafood salad at 59 degrees, and tuna salad at 63 degrees.

The Closure order cited repeated previous violations.


See actual inspection report

Click here to see Subway's inspection report


Subway issued a statement saying customer welfare is "of paramount importance."

" If a restaurant is found to be out of compliance...steps are immediately taken to correct any issues and ensure them from happening again," said Les Winograd , Subway spokesman. "Violations are not tolerated."


Sewage at McDonald's

Inspectors also closed a McDonald's on 6228 Baltimore Ave. in Riverdale, MD.

Prince George's County Health officials say a grease overflow created a sewage backup at a drain in the parking lot.

Inspectors were dispatched after a complaint.

Officials reported no evidence sewage backed up inside McDonald's, but inspectors say overflows threaten backing up into drains inside and out.

"Potential for human contact with raw sewage and the potential in a food facility to actually contaminate the food," said Susan Thweatt Prince George's Co. Food Protection.

"My team was proactively working on a resolution for the equipment malfunction at the time when a customer also brought it to our attention," said Luis Gavignano, McDonald's Owner/Operator. "Providing my customers with a welcoming restaurant experience is always a top priority."

District inspectors ordered food operations closed at Malcolm Liquors on 3845 Minnesota Ave NE after finding mouse droppings two inspections in a row.

Click here to see the District inspection of Malcolm Liquors


Health officials also shuttered Papa Joe's Pizza in Alexandria for operating with no hot water and no working hand sink.

All the restaurants corrected the health violations, passed re-inspections and are now back to serving food.


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