Kenneth Fish of Gainesville, Va., among alleged child pornographers arrested in ICE operation

10:26 PM, Jun 8, 2012   |    comments
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GAINESVILLE, Va. (WUSA) - Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have arrested nearly 200 alleged child pornographer and in the process have rescued 18 minors who were being victimized.

Agents arrested three people in Maryland and three in Northern Virginia but very little is known about five of the cases becdause they are still under investigatin, but what is known about one case is very chilling.

For nearly a year ICE agents monitored downloads from computers in Kenneth Fish's home in Gainesville, Virginia. This past May, a neighbor who asked not to be identified said agents raided the house in a neighborhood full of young children.

According to the criminal complaint, Fish, a 45-year-old stay-at- home father of three young children used the E Donkey download videos of prepubescent girls engaged in sex.

Operation Orion netted a total of 190 suspected child pornographers in the US, Argentina, the Philippines and the United Kingdom, says Peter Edge, deputy director of Homeland Security Investigations.

While the investigation identified only 18 minors, Edge says the number of victims could actually be in the hundreds and he stressed the need for parent to be vigilant and warn their kids about online predators. 

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