Anthony Chambers of Washington, D.C., dies while in police custody, cause of death pending autopsy

10:26 PM, Jun 8, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. - (WUSA) - One minute police are fighting a man, the next he's dead in their custody. Now a family is outraged and the cops' explanation for what happened is still leaving many details unanswered.

The family of 38-year old Anthony Chambers of D.C. says he was visitiing his mother on P Street when this all happened earlier today.
Police say that four of their officers were attacked by Chambers, but that's a story the family isn't buying, and the details we've been able to gather are conflicting.

Chambers' niece Tiffany Chambers said, "They beat my uncle to death... I just find it sad that the police beat him continuously like that."

The Chambers family was visibly upset blaming the cops for their uncle's death. Police say they showed up at an apartment here on 50 P St. SW to assist workers from the department of Mental Helth.

At some point, they came through the door of the apartment where 38-year-old Anthony Chambers was, and a struggle ensued.
Chambers' niece said, "He was beaten continuously, repeatedly hit in in his head with a night stick."

The family says a group of officers pounced on Chambers and began to beat him mercilessly.

But police say it was Chambers who hit four of them first. Chambers is described as being at least 6 feet tall, weighing more than 300 pounds.

Neighbors who saw the commotion described what they saw when the unconscious 38-year-old was brought out of the apartment.

Neighbor Tasha McGoon said, "Once they brought him out, alll I know is that there was no breathing ...there wasn't none of that."

Chambers was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Now his family is left outraged, demanding the police give a thorough explanation as to what happened here.

The four officers who reported being attacked by Chambers have been placed on paid administrative leave as this investigation continues.

The officers are said to be doing okay.

Chambers' family says they are confused about the involvement of mental health department workers, because according to family members, their uncle didn't have any mental illness.

By Ken Molestina, 9News Now &






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