GSA Official Jeffrey Neely And Four Other Officials Unemployed After Las Vegas Scandal

11:29 PM, May 24, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON  (WUSA) -- A GSA source tells WUSA9 that, Jeffrey Neely, the top ranking GSA official behind the Las Vegas scandal and four others are no longer with the agency.

The Source says the agency wants to oust nine officials before putting the chopping block away.

No GSA officials would discuss any departures other than Neely's on the record.

"Jeff Neely was placed on administrative leave based on his involvement in the (Western Region Conference," said GSA spokesman Adam Elkington. "As of today, he's no longer employed with GSA."

Tuesday, A 9 Wants to Know Investigation exposed bonuses given to five officials linked to the $823,000 conference, including Neely.

It is unclear whether the five who left the agency today are the same senior GSA officials who received the bonuses of about $10,000 months after the Inspector General alerted the agency to free spending in Las Vegas.

A GSA says the agency wants to oust nine officials before putting the chopping block away.
Neely, famous for a bathtub photo and globetrotting on the taxpayer dime, and four other GSA officials were placed on administrative leave last month when those GSA videos mocking easy spending came out, as the administrator resigned and congressional hearings revealed details of those 24-hundred square foot hotel rooms, tuxedo clad cocktail parties, and government funded clowns.

A congressional source believes Neely may have been allowed to resign.

A GSA source says federal workers can retire as long as they have the proper years of service and meet minimum age and that resignation would not preclude criminal prosecution.

"Mr. Neely is no longer on the taxpayer's tab," said Republican House Transportation Chair John Mica. "I plan to introduce legislationthat will allow the immediate termination of senior level executives who violate their oaths of office."

"GSA is in the process of completing its review of activities associated with the Western Regions Conference and pursuing all available avenues for appropriate disciplinary action against those responsible.

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