Chuck Brown's Funeral May Be Next Thursday

6:23 PM, May 23, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- We're starting to get a sense of the funeral arrangements for the Godfather of Go Go.

Chuck Brown's daughter told the Washington Post there would be a viewing at the Howard Theater on Tuesday -- but now says that's still being firmed up. The funeral MAY be on a week from tomorrow at either the Verizon or Convention Centers.

On street corners across the city, the beat goes on. People say they'll never forget Chuck Brown.

At the Temple Hills studios of GoGo, they are still jamming to Chuck Brown's never ending groove. DJ Rico and DJ Swagg are pushing DC Mayor Vincent Gray to declare the Go Go King's birthday an annual right. "There going to be kids eight to eighty, white folks, black folks, Asian folks," says DJ Rico.

The arrangements may not be confirmed, but the dj's are already urging their listeners to turnout at the Howard Theater for the viewing possibly on Tuesday, and they're hoping for an even bigger turnout for his funeral on Thursday. "He said in one song, do it well or don't do it at all," says DJ Rico.

That uplifting message is one repeated in paint by a dozen students from McFarland Middle School. They've painted a huge mural of Chuck Brown at the intersections of Georgia and New Hampshire Avenues, NW.

"I thought it might become a landmark," says 8th Grader Kaitlyn Marsh. "Tell people, 'I'm right here by the Chuck Brown mural.'"

In electric blue and fluorescent green, the students mural is like a magnet on the busy corner. "Thank you," said a neighbor, shaking their art teacher's hand. "Bringing neighbors together," responded teach Charles Jean-Pierre. "That's what it's all about."

Jean-Pierre decided he had to do something as soon as he heard about Brown's death. They all but finished in a night.  "A lot of celebrities, when they die, it's a time of sadness. But when Chuck Brown died, we knew he would have wanted us to celebrate."

I talked to Chuck Brown's daughter today, and she said the Post jumped the gun. They're hoping to announce details tomorrow. But a lot of people are already setting next Tuesday and Thursday aside for the Godfather of Go Go.

Written and Reported by Bruce Leshan
9News Now &
Twitter: @BruceLeshan











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