Barbara Runion of Hyattsville, Md., says police have stalled in alerting residents to area sexual assaults

10:34 PM, Apr 27, 2012   |    comments
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HYATTSVILLE, Md. (WUSA)-  A string of recent sexual assaults in Hyattsville remain unsolved, and that is creating panic for some residents.

The assaults have taken place near the West Hyattsville Metro Station near Queens Chapel road and Jamestown road. Three of the five assaults took place along the North West Branch Hiker Biker Trail. The first happened in mid March. The most recent was April 20th.

Barbara Runion, a concerned Hyattsville resident, is claiming the police have dragged their feet in getting the word out. She said , "They just wanted to sweep this under the rug hoping it would go away."

The trail where three of the assaults took place is patrolled by the Maryland-National Capital Park Police. MNCPP spokesman, Captain Stanley Johnson, disputed Runion's claim, saying , "As far as these cases are concerned, we've given information to the television media, the radio media as well as print media and it's on people's web pages and so forth."

 Police believe at least two suspects are behind the sexual assaults and they don't believe them to all be connected.



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