Dorsa Seubert's Race Day Thoughts, Mile-by-Mile

10:19 AM, Mar 22, 2012   |    comments
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The day we have all been looking forward to has come and gone, and boy was it a great one! I ran a great race, and I'm already looking forward to signing up for my next half marathon!

Friday night was full of laughing and carb-loading with our friends who were also running the race. Saturday morning I got up at around 4:30 and I could not go back to sleep, so I literally laid in bed for a half an hour until my alarm went off, then hopped in the shower and got ready to head out. My sister-in-law came over so that she could ride with my husband and me to the race. All was going according to plan until we got to the Smithsonian Metro stop and they made us sit around for fifteen minutes, and then proceeded to tell us we had to get off of the train! REALLY?! Needless to say there were a LOT of unhappy runners. One train came by...completely packed. At that point, I sprinted to the front of the station and was successful when the next train rolled in.

Arrived at Stadium - We got to the Armory metro station at around 8:06 am. Awesome, I'm late. I found my friend, and we dropped off our stuff and headed to the starting line. Thirty minutes later we were starting the race! Here are my thoughts during the race:

Mile 1 - Wow. I feel awesome. This is going be a great race.

Mile 2- Yup, still feeling good, but I might need some water. Texting and running to see where hubby and sister-in-law will be waiting (not recommended). The crowds are amazing, yelling and cheering even at this hour on a Saturday. Wonderful.

Mile 3 - Water... Check, still feeling good.

Mile 4 - Hills: not too crazy, but not great.

Miles 5-6, and maybe even mile 7 (I can't be too sure) - Unbelievably hilly and sweaty. Need water, now.

Miles 7-9 - These miles were a bit of a blur, but I was chugging along. There are more people cheering and some pretty hilarious signs on my route.

Mile 10-11 - "Oh man, this is the furthest I have ever run. Go me..." 3 seconds later, "Oh this is going hurt." This is where I hit my wall, which is not surprising because before this, nine miles was the furthest distance I had ever ran.

Mile 12 - "Okay, I can do this." Anyone can run one more mile. Come on. Go, go, go." There is a monstrosity of a hill, and I am not too happy. I did not train for this.

Mile 13 - WOW, I am almost done... Yes, yes, yes. I had to stop to catch my breath, got a bit lightheaded and excited, and ran to the finish!

Mile 13.1 - I cannot even put up my hands. Is this real life?

After the race, I was not feeling good. The biggest mistake I made (don't yell at me): I was so excited and nervous about my race that I did not think to eat breakfast! Yeah, I know. I had a banana and a Gu. That was my problem. Afterwards I was covered in salt-literally grains of salt. It was not good. I had to sit down and chug two bottles of water and Gatorade until I got back to my normal self. But overall, it was an amazing race and an amazing feeling to know that I did it!

Best part about this entire experience: On our way home, a little boy tapped me on the back, and when I turned around said, "I have diabetes. Thank you!" I have never felt so amazing. I feel like I actually made a difference. He was a very sweet little boy, and I hope that he knows he really made my day! Raising money for a charity is rewarding enough on its own, but to see a little kid who has diabetes and know that the money I raised could help him, it was simply amazing.

Thank you all for following me on this journey. It has been a blast!

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