Trinidad Center City Public Charter School "Violent" Math Word Problems

9:51 PM, Mar 1, 2012   |    comments
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Parents Shocked Over 'Violent' Math Problems

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Some DC parents are shocked over math problems that were sent home with third graders at the Trinidad Center City Public Charter School.

One says the "bloodthirsty aliens then sucked the blood of 828 teachers and left them for dead."

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Another follows a SWAT team member who "killed 163 terrorists, 296 murderers and 206 arsonists. How many criminals did he kill on an average day?"

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Another talks about cooking Africans, Americans and Indians in ovens to bake: "How many desperate people were in each oven?"

"It's the Holocaust. It's horrific," says D.C. Parent Terry Lynch.

The math problems came from the home schooling paradise website, under third grade multiplication and division. But many of the questions seem to come from violent video games.

There are killings, kidnappings and deaths. Here, on his birthday, a boy named John swallows 585 marbles and died. Only nine friends came to his funeral.

Parent Princess Bay said she would have thrown the problems in the trash if her child brought them home. And then called the school.

Sources tell 9 News Now that the teacher did not want to use them, but was told she must.



The Charter School responded to 9News Now with a statement:

"Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. Center City PCS does not condone violence. We take this issue seriously and are looking into why these problems might have been sent home to the Third Grade students on our Trinidad Campus. The Singapore Math textbooks we use in our schools do not have any math problems of this nature."

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