The Virginia Cavaliers and Mike Scott dismantled the Maryland Terrapins

5:05 PM, Feb 18, 2012   |    comments
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WUSA) -- Thirty-eight hours had elapsed between the end of Boston College win and the tip-off of today's game against the Virginia Cavaliers. With little rest and the fact that they had to travel, the Terps had reason to perform tortoise like. 

But that's all it is -- a reason. And it should not have been used as an excuse. Maryland's performance in the second half was so piss poor, head coach Mark Turgeon let every walk-on player on the team, all six of them, finish the game with 3:45 left to play. 



The Terps opened the game missing there first four shots. James Padgett would then air-ball a free throw before connecting on the second to put the Terps on the board, making the score 7-1. From that point on, I knew it was going to be a long game. Maryland did get their act together by the end of the first half, making six buckets from behind the arc. Actually, three pointers were all they could hit with regularity in the first half. Maryland made their first two point field goal with 4:35 left on the clock following a Nick Faust layup.  Blown layups and squandered opportunities are the obvious images fans Terp fans took with them after Saturday's loss. Maryland couldn't buy two points.

Give the Cavs some credit as well. Virginia would not let a Terp shoot the basketball without a hand covering their eyelids. But despite woeful offense, the game was tied 31-31 at the half after a deep three point bucket from Faust. 

Then came one of the Terps biggest opponents as a young team: making halftime adjustments.

Padgett delivered the first bucket of the half, but Maryland would not score a single point until 11:29 was left to play. They would go 0-for-10 in that span, resulting in a 16-0 by Virginia, basically put the game in blowout mode.

Terrell Stoglin, the ACC's leading scorer, went 0-for-7 in the half and finish the game with a measly 14 points -- compared to his hefty average of 21.7. He tried to takeover the game in the second half but never trusted his teammates involved and forced bad shots. As a team, Maryland shot only 27 percent and committed 15 turnovers, although it seemed like more. The offense was hard to watch. 


On the surface this grade may seem harsh, but after thinking about it, maybe the plus was too generous. Going into the game, the strategy had to be to stop UVA big man Mike Scott. He's emerged as one of the best players in the country. And yes, stopping him is easier said than done, but Scott made shots look easier than they were. Alex Len, Sean Mosley, Berend Weiss and Padgett all got a chance to defend the Cavs leader and one by one, they all failed. Scott finished with 25 points and seven rebounds. 

And for a team known for it's length and shot swatting, the Terps couldn't register one block the whole game. Plus, they only forced seven turnovers. They were out-hustled and looked defeated in parts of the second half. With all the scoring runs Virginia made in the game, it was hard for me to tell if the blame was solely on the offense being extraordinarily horrific or if defense was just as terrible.

Can someone find the rest of Len's stat line. Apparently it said he played 20 minutes, but his only stat was a TO. The other parts are just missing right? Wrong. Len had zero rebounds, zero fouls and zero points. That's ugly.


Turgeon's guys played awful but the coaching was not as poor. At least he tried to stop the bleeding that most will refer to as Mike Scott. He saw immediately that Weiss wasn't the answer and eventually switched Mosley on to him. And although Mosley ended up being assaulted by Scott as well, he is Maryland's best defender and was the most effective against Scott, a fifth year senior. Turgeon  drew up several promising plays but they ended up as turnovers due to execution.

However, "Turge" waited way too long to call timeouts a couple of times during momentous UVA offensive assaults. He felt his players could play through the adversity. I don't know what team he has been watching all year, but this young team crumbles under pressure. His patience with his team allowed UVA to go on runs and build momentum throughout the game. 

And coach, can they have a whole day dedicated to free throw shooting, please? I mean 56 percent. Come on.  


Mike Scott if you ask me, but he doesn't play for the Terps. Everyone struggled in this game. Everyone. Can't even give it to Stoglin by default because he forced a lot of bad shots when his team needed quality buckets. But the Terp that played the best was the true freshman Nick Faust. 

Faust told reporters he loved the ball in his hand and today got to run the point. He made good passes that were not converted into points, but he also led the team with five turnovers. He had 13 points on 41 percent shooting, but was not a consistent threat. I guess it gets player of the game by default, but after this loss who really wants that title?

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