Family Recovering From CO Poisoning Scare

3:32 PM, Feb 9, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Family Recovering From CO Poisoning Scare

Family Recovering From CO Poisoning Scare


BALTIMORE (WUSA) - Six members of a Fort Washington family have been receiving treatment in the only 24-7 hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the entire Washington-Baltimore region. It's at the University of Maryland's Shock Trauma Center after they narrowly escaped death by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Early Tuesday morning, two adults and two children were passed out on the floor from carbon monoxide poisoning leaking from their faulty furnace.

The poison gas had already given one child a seizure and his father had taken him to Children's Hospital. There, doctors treating the boy thought there might be something toxic in the home. They sent paramedics there when nobody answered phone calls. But the children's uncle got there first, according to the shock trauma doctor treating the whole family

"He bashed in the door and saw the housemate collapsed on the floor. Upstairs, he saw two of the children in the hallway and their mother passed out, said Dr. Phi-nga Jeannie Le with Hyperbaric Medicine at the Shock Trauma Center.

"What's amazing to me, is that if the little two year old boy hadn't had the seizure and fallen out of bed, nobody would have realized anything was wrong and the whole family could have died," she said.
"It really is an example to all of us to make sure we have several working carbon monoxide detectors in the home," she said. Doctor Le expects all the family members to make a full recovery.

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