Wiz Kid: Answering The Biggest Wizards Questions

1:54 PM, Jan 9, 2012   |    comments
Nick Young and the Wizards will continue to look this sad. Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) --Our Wizards insider Kevin "Wiz Kid" Jones answers some of the readers questions about the NBA's worst team...by far.

When will the next win be?

The next slate of games go as follows: Toronto, @Chicago, @Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Houston, Oklahoma City, Denver, Chicago. This has disaster written all over it.

The Raptors (3-5) have started the season above average, in terms of their normal standards. Who is going to guard 7-footer Andres Bargnani? If the answer is Blatche, this game could turn into another home blowout.Trevor Booker may be a viable second option, but look out. The former number one overall pick is scoring nearly 23 points a game.

The Wizards do catch Toronto in the second game of a back-to-back-to-back. Sadly, this easily looks like the Wizards best hope at securing their first victory since last April.

Philadelphia is more athletic and talented than the Wizards, and better coached by Doug Collins I might add. Houston's guard play has been tremendous this season with Kyle Lowry, Kevin Martin, Courtney Lee and Goran Dragic producing waves off speed and shooting. Denver scores over 100 points almost every night and boasts depth the Wizards could only dream about. And then of course there's the Thunder and Bulls.

0-16 it not just a possibility. It seems rather rational considering what the Wizards call 'basketball'. The best case scenario is 2-14, with a win over Toronto and stealing one from the 76ers.

How safe are Flip Saunders and Ernie Grunfeld?

It is a little outrageous, but I'd say they are rather safe. Like 90 percent safe. Owner Ted Leonsis is in zero rush to abandon the early rebuilding stages. He's an extremely patient man and looks like he will ride this thing out until at least the 2012 off-season.

To his point, who could the Wizards bring in that would definitely make this situation good again?

I'd argue aborting this season by scrapping Saunders, Grunfeld and Blatche from the long term future does nothing but good to this franchise. It starts the move forward. Leonsis' success with the Capitals will refuse him from swallowing that amount of unused money though.

Saunders reiterated his stance in Sunday's post game presser, calmly assuring that he has no questions about his job security. And Washington Post reporter Michael Lee affirmed that on Monday. The thing is you can't really fire Saunders without firing general manager Ernie Grunfeld.

Many who follow the team (including me) will point out that this is Grunfeld's mess, and that he needs to take the fall for the Wizards becoming a laughingstock. I believe the Gilbert Arenas $124 million signing was authorized by the late Abe Pollin, who wasn't really in touch with how Arenas wasn't serious about basketball.

Still, Grunfeld's extension to Andray Blatche is just one of the specific decisions crippling the team right now. Blatche has little-to-no trade value with his attitude and contract.

Sorry to keep bringing this up, but like I said, the Wizards put all of their eggs into one basket for the 2012 off-season. Signing a guy like Nene this past December may have prevented this internal implosion from happening.

Should the Wizards look into the availability of JR Smith and other NBAers in China?

100 percent yes. There's three former Denver Nuggets (Smith, Wilson Chandler and Kenyon Martin) who are all stuck in China until at least March. When they return from overseas, all three will be free agents.

The Wizards should try and add Smith and Chandler. Both may have attitude issues, but in the NBA, that's something good teams learn to cope with. Smith is an electrifying shooter and can play well in an up-tempo offense led by Wall. Chandler would immediately become the Wizards most polished offensive player, with his driving capabilities and pure athleticism.

Who knows what the money market will be for these guys. There could be several teams on the fringe of the playoffs who will want their talents badly. But the Wizards need new players simply to attract a free agent in 2012. These guys made the poor decision to commit to China; who says they couldn't make another one and sign with the Wizards?

Is there a chance the team buys out Rashard Lewis' contract?

There has to be. Similar to the likes of Zydrunas Illgaskas and Mike Bibby, Lewis is a veteran who would rather watch from home than be entrenched in the NBA's biggest mess. Lewis is owed $22.1 million total for this season and $23.7 million in 2012-2013. Nobody needs this kind of money, especially for a job they don't like.

The front office needs apply pressure by telling Lewis he will be relegated to the bench for his poor attitude, making it easier for him to swallow his pride and quit. Slowly removing these misfit puzzle pieces will begin to allow Washington to looks towards the future.

What's something drastic the Wiz Kid would do?

To prove that the starters haven't earned their title, I would sit every single one of them against Toronto to start the game. I would start Shelvin Mack, Roger Mason Jr., Chris Singleton, Trevor Booker and Kevin Seraphin.

Is that going to harm the ego of players like John Wall or JaVale McGee? Who cares if it does? Whatever the Wizards focus on during practice isn't working. Neither is venting after the games about the struggles. It's time for that big of shakeup in D.C. It could potentially light a fire under this team -- probably not -- but what else is there left to do?

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