Reports Say Serial Butt Slasher Suspect Johnny Guillen Pimentel Is In Peru

2:50 PM, Dec 29, 2011   |    comments
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(WUSA) -- In September, Fairfax County Police said the man they believed to be the "serial butt slasher" may have left the area. Now, it appears he may have gone home to Peru.


Peruvian media reports say that Johnny D. Guillen Pimentel took arrived in the country earlier this month. According to Ojo, Pimentel had an expired passport but still managed to enter Peru.

Pimentel is accused of slashing women in the buttocks while they were shopping at retail stores and malls in Fairfax County, Va. One victim told 9News Now that when she was attacked in February while leaving the Fair Oaks Mall she was visibly pregnant. She says the attacker left her with a three-inch gash on her buttocks. The victim also said that before she realized she'd been hurt, she yelled to the man as he brushed by her, "Hey, you cut my leggings." She says he told her it was just his bag.

"How could it be his bag? That makes no sense," she said.

It took a while for police to realize that the slashing wasn't an isolated incident. Fairfax County Police spokesperson Lucy Caldwell said the attacks happened in different jurisdictions and so they didn't realize there was a link until an attack in July.

ANIMATION: Butt Slasher Reenactment

Fairfax County detectives have a warrant for his arrest. Ojo reports that Peruvian investigators are looking for Pimentel but won't have an international order of capture imposed upon him.

Authorities are still not sure about the reason behind the slashings. A criminal profiler told 9NEWS NOW in July that the slasher may have a sexual disorder called piquerism -- a form of sadomasochism in which one finds sexual gratification by cutting or stabbing a person in a sexually significant area. According to Ojo, a psychoanalyst said that the butt slasher is dangerous and hates women, and needs to be treated for his disorder.

We hope to receive more information about the developments in this case from Fairfax County authorities in the near future.

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