United Flight 586 Evacuated At Dulles Airport

5:17 PM, Sep 14, 2011   |    comments
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Video: Plane Evacuated At Dulles Airport

By Jodi Gersh, Gannett

DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Va. (WUSA/AP) - A flight bound for San Francisco that carried U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to be evacuated at Dulles International Airport after the pilot noticed something was wrong with the engine.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority spokeswoman Kimberly Gibbs says the United Airlines flight was on the airport taxiway around 1 p.m. Wednesday when the pilot noticed a problem and decided to evacuate. Gibbs says passengers used emergency chutes to exit and were taken to the terminal.

United spokesman Mike Trevino says one person was injured, but he didn't have other details.

Supreme Court spokeswoman Patricia McCabe Estrada confirmed Ginsburg was on the flight. Estrada says Ginsburg was not injured. She was headed to San Francisco for an event.

Trevino says 179 passengers and six crew members were aboard.

"My plane just had an emergency evacuation -- down the slides,"Gannett's Director of Social Media, Jodi Gersh tweeted. "I am shaking. I don't yet know why. People were screaming."

Gersh later tweeted that a passenger onboard United Flight 586 saw smoke coming from the plane's right engine as the plane taxied toward the runway for takeoff. Passengers notified the flight crew of smoke. That's when flight attendants saw fire coming from the engine, Gersh tweeted.

"Attendants opened rear door to see where smoke was coming from. They then very loudly started yelling 'everyone get out'. Very scary," Gersh tweeted.

The plane never took off.

"Hearing of possible broken bones, from the slide landing, but no other serious injuries," Gersh tweeted. "They've sent us to the admiral lounge to regroup."

Passengers were not immediately notified when they would be departing for San Francisco, presumably on a different plane.

Later, Gersh tweeted that they would be going on the old plane to grab their belongings and load onto a new plane to depart at 4:30 p.m.

United Airlines and airport officials have not commented on the evacuation. The cause of the fire was not immediately reported.

Gannett is the parent company of WUSA.

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 Jodi Gersh 
Apparently Justice Ginsberg was on the plane. I saw secret service at the gate before boarding, but didn't know why til now.
 Jodi Gersh 
. yes, thank god. Honestly. Crew had no knowledge of it til passengers alerted of smoke. Don't want to think of what could've

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