Behind the Scenes of The Debt Ceiling Rap Video

6:57 PM, Jul 27, 2011   |    comments
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Screengrab From YouTube

WASHINGTON (WUSA)- When Remy Munasifi teamed up with a video editor at to create his latest comedic YouTube video, he couldn't have picked a worse week in terms of weather. 

The McLean native found himself dancing around the Capitol building in a polyester jumpsuit during the worst heat wave DC saw this year.  

"My favorite part of filming the video was taking off the polyester jumpsuit in 116 degree heat index," he said.  

His comedic songs have proven time and again to be huge hits on YouTube, eventually leading Remy to top the iTune charts at one point.  From his famous "Arlington Rap" video to a spoof about the TSA, his songs have been so successful that he's been able to build a career around them.  

This latest music video is a spoof on the debt ceiling issue, one that Remy has been following.  

"You can't help but follow," he said.  "It's all you see on TV and that was sort of one of the inspirations behind this song. Republicans are calling Democrats crazy and Democrats are calling Republicans crazy.  I was just sitting their watching thinking, 'You're all crazy so maybe we should do a video on it.'"

Remy teamed up with for his last three politically charged videos including this one.  Meredith Bragg shot and edited most of the debt ceiling rap with Remy standing in front of a green screen.  

"I don't know how many times we sat around during the shooting of this and had to remind ourselves that this is our job it was so much fun," said Bragg. "Throwing money around and walking in front of the Fed building and having him rap while we had cops off camera looking at us funny.  It's great. I don't know of another job in Washington D.C. that let's you do that."

Remy's next project is a guessing game, although he does offer a few hints.  

"I want to learn how to dunk," he said.  

Judging by the popularity of his videos, it appears he already has a few slam dunks in his pocket.   

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