Breast Milk Baby Doll By Spain-based Berjuan Toys Soon To Hit American Stores

5:16 PM, Jul 18, 2011   |    comments
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"Breast Milk Baby" Coming to the U.S.

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WUSA) -- We have dolls that pretend to pee and poop... why not a breast-feeding doll? The Breast Milk Baby Doll sold well in Europe where it's made. Now the company is bringing it to the United States where it will be marketed to children ages two and up.

Kristy Clark has no problem nursing her six-month old baby in public.  She has breast-fed all three of her children and is a member of La Leche League, which provides encouragement and support to nursing moms.

She thinks the new Breast Milk Baby Doll is a great idea. 

"I personally don't buy a lot of dolls because I don't want bottle feeding to be normalized for my children.  I want breast-feeding to be normalized," said Clark.

But she says she would not get the doll because her children already mimic breast-feeding with their own cloth dolls.  

The Breast Milk Baby Doll from Berjuan Toys of Spain.  It sells online for $89. 

It comes with a halter top for the child to put on.  It is decorated with flowers with sensors that are positioned where nipples would be.  The doll makes that suckling noise when its mouth comes close to the flower's sensors.

But some people think the doll would force girls to grow up too quickly.   Licensed clinical social worker Deborah Finerty-O'Brien says the doll may open a dialogue with children, one that parents aren't ready to have.

"It gives mixed messages about teaching young girls modesty and the rules that are coming about in elementary school about sexual harassment which is the big issue now," said Finerty-O'Brien.

 What do you think? 

Written by Peggy Fox

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