Jorge Landeros, Wanted For Murdering American University Professor, Sue Marcum, Taunts Police

5:56 PM, Jun 14, 2011   |    comments
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Jorge Landeros is a suspect in the murder of Sue Marcum

BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA) -- A murder suspect is taunting police from the relative safety of one of the world's most dangerous cities.

Jorge Landeros -- the man wanted for bludgeoning and suffocating an American University accounting professor last fall -- has been exchanging emails with police and talking on the phone with a reporter from the Washington Post.

But he refuses to meet with them outside Juarez, Mexico.

Marcum's friends are frustrated that her alleged killer seems so far just beyond the reach of American justice.

Jorge Landeros says he is willing to meet with police... emailing a detective just across the border in El Paso... " me at Sanborn's, a great cafe... here in Juarez, and we can talk shop all you treat."

The brash charismatic yoga instructor and stock day trader admits to an affair with American University accounting professor Sue Marcum... but denies killing her in the lower level of her Bethesda home.

He told a Washington Post reporter he wasn't even in town ..."I had nothing to do with the with the murder of Sue Marcum. That was not me.... They just want me to turn myself in, like some silly scapegoat."

Montgomery County Police have obtained an Interpol warrant for his arrest... and it mentions he was born in Juarez. But Mexican authorities have yet to arrest him. "This is a serious case," says Montgomery Co. Police Capt. Paul Starks. "We have a warrant charging him with murder. We'd like him to come back here and have his say and fair day in court."

You can find signs of Landeros all over the web... he's still selling his book about practicing yoga in Juarez... and he seems almost proud of the city's violent reputation... sheep, he says, will not survive.

He allegedly admitted to the Post that he'd been in Marcum's house just a month before her murder. "They'll find me all over the place.... I drank wine from glasses there. I drank water from the glasses there. I've eaten with the forks there. I slept in that bed...."

Friends tell me they were shocked today to learn that Landeros was the beneficiary of Marcum's half million dollar life insurance policy. He has yet to collect on it. State Farm sent him a message in March that "due to the circumstances of death, we are gathering additional information that may affect benefits."

Written by Bruce Leshan
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