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Carol Joynt: Early Detection Success Story

3:45 PM, May 23, 2011   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)-- Carol Joynt spent her career working alongside media giants like Walter Cronkite and Larry King.  The veteran journalist is on tour promoting her memoir "Innocent Spouse." It is the story of her personal pain at finding out how little she knew about her husband Howard, who owned Nathan's in Georgetown, and his business dealings.  The lies and secrets that surfaced after his death nearly cost Carol everything she'd worked for.

"The response has been wonderful, which the sweetest thing that can happen when you've written a book, " Carol says.

What didn't make the book was Carols medical crisis.  In February. she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She likened the news to "Swimming in Quicksand" the title of her blog.

The lesion was detected during a her regular, routine mammogram and the news rocked her world.

"The first thing I said was whatever it is I want a double mastectomy. I want your to take them off I am fine with that," Carol says. 

Carol's reaction came as no surprise to her breast surgeon Dr. Marc Boisvert at the Cancer Institute at the Washington Hospital Center.  "They want this whole thing done and settled never to bother them again," Dr. Boisvert tells us.

Dr. Boisvert told her not to jump to conclusions and if it was cancer it was in the very early stages.  Carol was lucky and Dr. Boisvert was right the cancer was stage zero and confined to the milk ducts.  The early detection meant Carol could consider several treatment options besides a mastectomy.

"With some talking and reassurance we were able to bring her from there to having a lumpectomy.  We strive to get patients a feeling of wholeness after surgery and if we can do that with keeping their natural tissue then I think that works out best," Dr. Boisvert says.

Carol was satisfied with her choices and went to into surgery at noon and was on her way home at 3:00P.M. the same day.  She calls this modern cancer. 

Carol has now completed 17 days of radiation and is a candidate for Tamoxifen.  She will host several booking signing events in for her book, "Innocent Spouse" over the next couple of weeks. 

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