Chilling 911 Call With 'Voice Of Killer' Released

5:24 PM, May 17, 2011   |    comments
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Jose Rosales Cardona

CENTREVILLE, Va.  (WUSA) -- Investigators released the audio recordings of a chilling 911 call they hope will lead them to a killer. 

It was one year ago that Jose Cardona was killed during a home invasion in Centreville.  The handyman was shot when he stepped in front of family members and tried to grab the suspect's gun, according to police.   

"We remember Jose every single day," said a family member who says Jose sacrificed himself for them.

Now, detectives believe they are closing in on the men responsible for his death.  Detective Chester Toney says there are four "persons of interests" responsible.  He says two of them came into the home; another stayed in a white pick-up truck. 

Police released a photo of the white pick-up they believe the suspects used.  A fourth suspect may have been in another vehicle.

On the 13-second clip of the 911 call released by police, you can hear a gunshot, a lot of screaming and expletives, plus a voice that may have a Jamaican accent.  That's the voice police are hoping someone out there recognizes.

"I do remember that voice.  Yes.  Very much so.   It's very cold and callous, and someone who doesn't have very high regard for their fellow human being's life," said a son of the owner of the home who was there the Jose was killed.

"The truck is actually the truck here on this date last year," said Detective Chester Toney.  He says the home, which cannot be seen from the Compton Road, was targeted probably because the homeowner owns a check cashing company and they might have thought there would be money on hand.

Police says the two suspects who came inside wore dark uniform-like shirts and pants.

"They know who they are, and they know we know who they are," said Toney.

Police just need someone who can connect the Jamaican-accented voice on the 911 recording to the pick-up truck.

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