Jim Morrison's Spirit Visiting His Old Arlington House?

8:21 PM, May 12, 2011   |    comments
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ARLINGTON, Va.  (WUSA) --  Jim Morrison's songs often had an other-worldly feeling about them, so maybe it's true his spirit is making house calls. 

"This is his room he lived in.  And, the strangest thing happened," Rhonda Baron said as escorted a reporter into her bedroom. The bedroom apparently once was used by Jim Morrison who was the leader singer of The Doors before he died in 1971 at the age of 27. He was found dead in a Paris bathtub.  His drug-abused heart had stopped beating.

The Arlington home at 4907 N. 28th Street was apparently owned  by his parents and then two owners later, by Rhonda's parents.   When Rhonda was in college, about 10 years after Morrison died, she says his spirit visited her three times.

"The spirit laid down on the bed.  Completely laying down and  looking at me like this.  It was like a haze.  It was like you could  look through it," said Rhonda.  She explained that she had a feeling it was him and that it looked like him with that long, curly hair.  

Rhonda believed the spirit was trying to help her with a boyfriend problem she was having.  She says there was one last visit before she told the spirit she didn't need his help anymore.

"He was standing like this in the corner."

Rhonda's mom says Jim Morrison's spirit never visited her.   Was she jealous about that?

"No. He wasn't my type, and I had a wonderful husband!" said Gertrude Baron.

There's another Arlington home where Jim Morrison might have lived at 2320 N. Evergreen Street.   The new owners had no clue, but longtime residents remember.

"He was called 'little Jimmy,'" said Christopher Smith, who was several years younger than Morrison.

"My brother played with his brother Andy," said Smith.

Then there's the younger generation.

"Is he like a musician or something?" wondered Steven Ritter, 29, the nephew of Michel Ritter, who lives in the same cul de sac where Morrison apparently lived as a small child.  

"He was everything!" Michel informed her questioning nephew, who did at least recognize the song, "Light My Fire."

If Morrison were alive today, he'd be 67-years-old.

According to Charlie Clark of the Falls Church News-Press, Morrison lived in yet a third Arlington house at 1327 S. Glebe Road.  It is now a condo.  

Morrison also lived in Alexandria as a teenager and graduated from George Mason High School which is now a middle school.  

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