Let's Be Real: Groping Is A World-Wide Problem

10:15 PM, Apr 1, 2011   |    comments
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Beware, the whole groping thing -- like what happened to women on Metro -- could easily get a whole lot creepier. I say that because, from all accounts, the groping situation in other parts of the world is dramatically worse than anything we've seen around here.

Rio De Janiero is a beautiful town I'm told, but the sexual harrassment and groping got so bad on the trains there in 2006 they began running female only cars.

This might be a topic for the weird news except for the fact they did the exact same thing in India; in Mexico City, it's the buses.

Even in Japan, yeah, the country where folks got so much positive play for not looting after the 'quake, they've got a groping problem so serious somebody invented anti-groping gloves. Don't ask.

So apparently, it can happen anywhere. If the public transit gets crowded enough, sexually assaulting women becomes a crime of opportunity, and one that is grossly under-reported. Meaning, even here the problem is almost certainly worse than we think.

The only good news is they did catch that alleged serial subway groper. Women's complaints were taken seriously and if he does end up in prison, there may be some groping that he won't find so pleasurable.

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