Rhee Disputes DC Test Scores Report

6:15 PM, Mar 29, 2011   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Former DC School Chancellor Michelle Rhee is blasting a USA Today report that questions whether some DC students had earned their standardized test scores.

The report, based on statistics, says so many of the students' wrong answers had been erased and changed to right ones there is almost no way the changes could have been legitimate.

Rhee says the USA Today report lacks credibility, but you'll hear in this report that school officials at some point became so concerned after test results were changed at one school that people in charge of the testing were removed from their positions.


Rhee tells PBS talk show moderator Tavis Smiley there were questions raised about the high number of incorrect answers changed to correct answers, but she says an outside security firm found no wrongdoing.

Noyes Elementary in Northeast is the school targeted by the USA Today reports. D.C. school officials are refusing to discuss specifics but the President of the DC State Board of Education confirmed to 9NEWS NOW on Tuesday that during a briefing 14 months ago school officials admitted actions were taken against people in charge after so many wrong answers had been changed to the right ones.

The outside firm that investigated test results at Noyes and seven other schools is Caveon Consulting Services of Philadelphia. The firm in a statement says "In no instance did Caveon conclude that cheating had been revealed."

The USA Today Computer Assisted Reporting team says Caveon's review was limited and did not include its own data analysis of the tests.

State Board of Education President Ted Trabue says this year's testing begins next week. As part of their preparation Acting Chancellor Kaya Henderson and others will be brought in to brief the board on steps they're taking to ensure the safety and integrity of the test results.

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