Lululemon Murder Charging Document Details

10:08 PM, Mar 21, 2011   |    comments
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BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA) -- 9NEWS NOW obtained a copy of the basic charging document from Montgomery County Police for Brittany Norwood. Norwood is accused of killing Jayna Murray, her co-worker at the Bethesda Row Lululemon Athletica store.

The discovery:

In the charging document, police say an employee arrived around 8:12 a.m. on March 12 to open the store for business. The employee noticed the front door was unlocked, entered the store "and observed signs of disarray and heard moaning coming from the back of the store." The employee called police, who then entered the store to find two female employees. One employee, Jayna Murray, was pronounced dead on the scene. The other, Brittany Norwood, was taken to the hospital.

Norwood's story:

According to the document, Norwood told police that on March 11, she and Murray left the store at closing but she said she forgot her wallet and called Murray back to the store to reopen it so she could find her wallet.

Norwood went on to say, according to the document, that when they were in the store, two unknown masked men attacked them. Norwood said one of the suspects made her open cash tills as the other suspect assaulted Murray at the back of the store. The document also shows that Norwood told police she was sexually assaulted in one of the bathrooms, tied with zip ties and then she lost consciousness.

Story starts to change:

In the document, police say that a sexual assault exam was conducted at the hospital and no signs of "vaginal trauma" were found during the exam. 

Also, the charging document shows, "The cuts to Norwood's, chest, stomach and thighs were superficial scratches and parallel. They did not correspond to the cuts on her pants. In your affiant's opinion they had all of the characteristics of self-inflicted injuries."

Photos taken of Norwood lying on the bathroom floor when police first arrived showed her with her hands tied above her head and her feet were bound. The document states that police believe Norwood posed herself in that position.

An autopsy on Murray on March 13 at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined the cause of death as a a homicide.

Witness interviews further called Norwood's statements to police into question. According to the document, "Employees at an adjacent business say they heard two women screaming on 03/11/2011 at approximately 2230 hours. No male voices were heard."

Forensic technicians with the Montgomery County Police determined there were two sets of footprints at the scene. One set was determined to be Norwood's while the other set belonged to a shoe size 14. The second set was recovered in the store. According to the document, Norwood later told authorities that the shoes were used at the store for pants alterations for customers and were in a rack in the store. Police found the shoes there and "the shoes appeared to have been washed; however, still had visible blood spatter." In the document, police say shoe prints showed Norwood's shoe prints and the others tracked through the store and up to a chair, and then "evidence of clean up."

Murray's car and evidence:

Murray's car was also found about 3 blocks away from the store in a public parking lot.  On March 15, police examined her car and areas inside tested positive for blood. The next day, Norwood was asked if she was ever inside Murray's car and she told police she had only seen the car in passing.

Continuing inconsistencies:

In the document police say that Norwood gave different accounts of events when interviewed over several days and that all of the accounts did not match up with physical evidence at the scene.

On March 18 at police headquarters, according to the document, "...Norwood gave then unbelievable account that before being sexually assaulted, her assailants made her take Murray's vehicle keys and move Murray's vehicle, while they remained inside the store. Norwood stated the suspects told her to return in ten minutes or they would kill her."

Police also add in the document that Norwood told them she saw a police officer and a few other people on the street but she didn't ask for help. Then she returned to the Lululemon store. Police say in the document that she "was unwilling to explain the inconsistencies in all her statements.

They also added that Norwood said "yes" when she was asked if Murray started the fight, but would not elaborate.

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