Experts: Egypt Uprising Could Cause Domino Effect In Middle East

11:32 PM, Feb 11, 2011   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Tunisia did it, and got results. Now, Egypt did it and also got results. Middle East experts say the uprising of people in countries with sentiments of oppression is likely to continue now that both Tunisians and Egyptians have been able to overthrow their governments.

Executive director for Project on Middle East Democracy of (POMED), Stephen McInerney said, "Certainly this will have huge implications in that region."

According to McInerney, it is more than likely that people of other countries will ride the momentum set forth by the Egyptians and also attempt to over throw their governments.

McInerney said, "Algeria, and Jordan are good candidates to revolt." According to him, Algeria has the best possibility because the Algerian people share many of the same sentiments as Egyptians.

He said for those looking to fight for democracy "this will leave long lasting implications for the next years, for the next decades."

As for the Egypt's goal of attaining democracy, McInerney said the real answers to many questions of "what's next" will come " in the coming months."

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