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Residents Allege Police Violations

7:04 PM, Jan 14, 2011   |    comments
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HYATTSVILLE, Md. (WUSA) - - Some residents tell 9NEWS NOW that the increased police patrols following the murder spike in Prince George's County has led to some questionable activity. 

"The yanked me out of the car, put a knee on my back, and checked my rectum several times," said a 20 year old man who did not want to use his name.

Police said cavity searches are never allowed in public and with 16 officers present, as alleged, it is "very unlikely" an officer violated that policy.  Still, police encourage the young man to file a complaint with the civilian oversight panel.  A spokesperson told 9NEWS NOW police are "committed to constitutional policing."

State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said, "In these cases, sometimes these things happen even if we don't want them to happen and it might be a matter of training." 

Alsobrooks said police have a legal right to pull over a car and search that vehicle if they have reasonable cause.  However, she said any and all allegations will be investigated.

Alsobrooks will be meeting with community members to encourage them to speak up about the crime spree. 

"We want to help her help the community but she needs to tell these officers just because they're in a certain neighborhood, they can't act in a different manner," said Michelle Ettienne, "it will only work if we have some mutual respect for each other."


Written by Delia Goncalves


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