Haiti To Get Supplies From Elementary School, One Year After Quake

5:47 PM, Jan 10, 2011   |    comments
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ROCKVILLE, MD (WUSA) --- A fifth-grade teacher at Fallsmead Elementary School will embark on a second relief mission to Haiti armed with supplies donated by his students.

Marty Chappell and his students have been donating goods, since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the island-nation, Jan. 12, 2010.

"We take [paper cups] for granted," says Chappell as he organizes the supplies.

Last year, Chappell told his students about a week-long trip to Haiti with his church, New Hope Seventh Day Adventist.

The students responded by donating nearly $2,000 in change along with supplies.

"It was really touching when a lot of people died..they didn't have enough resources like we have," says fifth-grader, Tess Hagler.

Chappell says he has made friends while helping the people. He says the Haitians come to look forward to another meeting. The question he got asked the most is "When are you coming back?"


Chappell will return to Haiti after his fifth-grade students launched a school-wide campaign by making posters asking for some basic essentials.

The new batch of supplies includes granola bars, pretzels, flavored-water mixes and anti-bacterial wipes.

The students also put labels on sandwich bags with instructions on how to use donated vitamins in both English and Creole.

By helping out Chappell and his students come to appreciate the everyday things in life.

"I know some people who used to not finish their food and just throw it away. But my family and I dedicated like our dinner. We have to finish everything on our plates ..so we don't' throw anything away 'cause there could be children eating that food," says fifth-grader Daniel San Giovanni.

Chappell says he saw many Haitian children wandering the streets, because they could not afford the mandatory uniforms for school.

Fallsmead Elementary School students have raised an additional $600 to give to the Haitian people on Chappell's trip scheduled for March 4, 2011.

Written by:  Elizabeth Jia
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