Family Claims Abuse By DC Police

11:49 PM, Jan 7, 2011   |    comments
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WALDORF, Md. (WUSA) -- It's lawsuit against the DC Metropolitan Police Department thrown out of court pending appeal, a local family still looks for justice after what it calls an unwarranted attack by police officers on several family members at a community festival on DC's Georgia Avenue in June, 2008.

"This is something we go to every year. It's a traditional festival. We join in, dance with the band. It's something that's fun for all of us, We do it every year for the last 10 to 15 years," said Giselle Goss of the Caribbean themed event.

The event was well-attended, with the crowd walking both the street and the roadway as police officers tried to keep the roadway clear of pedestrians.

"A cop approached my sister-in-law and asked us to move to the sidewalk and we're like, OK,sure.' We're going, and all of a sudden he pushed her in her back and we're going to the sidewalk and (he was ) pushing her two more times. She stumbles on the floor," Goss told 9News Now.

"I was in the early stages of pregnancy," said Goss' sister-in-law Rosena Rudder, who eventually gave birth to triplets..

"Another cop comes out of nowhere and hits with her baton. My daughter, who was 15 at the time, and my niece, who is five years old (are knocked) to the ground with her baton.

"So, I yelled to her 'Those are kids,' and she takes and swings her baton and hit me in my arm and then my daughter comes in front of me to protect me, and then she starts swinging and hitting my daughter with the baton.

"My mom is an epilectic and she has seizures," said Diamin Rudder, explaining why she put herself between her mother and the police officer. "I'm scared because I didn't know whether she was going to seize or not," she said.

"The female officer, in particular, I remember her saying 'You will never see your daughter again. I'm going to put her in the system so far you'll never find her,"' said Rosena Rudder.

Rosena's husband, Roger, was arrested when he says he tried to prevent another officer from punching his wife, who was at that point still on the ground.

All of the adults were charged with misdemeanor assault, but all of those charges were dropped.

The family has sued the Department, but the lawsuit has been dismissed pending appeal.

9News Now asked the Metropolitan Police Department to respond to the allegations, but a spokeswoman said the Department would have no comment.

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