Man Attacked On Metro Platform Speaks Out

9:00 PM, Jan 7, 2011   |    comments
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Video: CAUGHT ON TAPE: Man Attacked On Metro Platform

Video: RAW Video: Man attacked on Metro Platform

Grainy video shows Allen Haywood attacked by teens at metro Station

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The grainy cellphone video, we found on the blog "Unsuck DC Metro," showed the story in a cacophony of sillouettes.

Metro passenger Allen Haywood told 9 NEWS NOW he was attacked by a group of teenagers on the way home from the gym on Capitol Hill.

"Someone reached out from behind the column and wacked me in the head real hard. And I turned around and just saw what looked like a 12 year old boy just laughing," Hayword told us Friday. "And I said, 'what are you doing?' Except I used different language."

Then, Hayword said, "More people came around from behind and started hitting me in the head -- over and over and over -- just hitting me in the head. And I was just in shock."

He desperately tried to fend off the blows and grasping hands from a number of attackers.

"Stop this s--t right now. You stop this s--t right now. I did nothing to you. I did nothing to you," Haywood shouted at his attackers.

That didn't stop them from continuing to do things to him. He said the shadowy attackers seen in the video were a group of black male teens except for one girl. Haywood told 9NEWS NOW she was the most vicious.

According to Haywood, "She was doing more of the hitting and more of the beating for longer."

Heywood is still puzzled over that since no one even tried to rob him. But perhaps even more disturbing is all the other passengers there who did nothing.

The video from the camera phone showed several other passengers around, but no one helped. No one even called the cops.

Also, the apparent voices of those filming sounded like they might as well be watching a ball game.

Eventually, Haywood broke free and ran for a kiosk, where officials called 9-1-1.

Haywood told us he is battered but recovering. His family is furious and say they are horrified, but not really surprised.

Haywood, who has battered eyes to show for the attack, said, "If we just walk around the other way and pretend it doesn't happen it will continue to happen...and it may not be a problem until it happens to you or someone you know."

But since the attack, Haywood said the support has been overwhelming.

"People I know, people I don't know...people do care," stated Haywood. 

While Haywood has been on Metro since the attack, he has put the reading down for now.

"When I go to the Metro station now I try to stand right next to the panic button. I'm not going to stop doing what I do. I'm just going to be, at least for now and probably long term, in a state of heightened alert," shared Haywood.

Officials with the transit agency said they are aware of the attack and video and have been in contact with Allen Haywood.

Metro police said if you were perhaps in the L'enfant Plaza station Sunday evening and saw this attack happen, they would really like to hear from you.

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