Chief Lanier, Mayor Address Sexual Assaults

7:29 PM, Dec 31, 2010   |    comments
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  • Vincent Gray

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- There's a battle between DC's police chief and the police union over the real number of sexual assaults in the city.

The Union says they're up by nearly 50 percent, one year to the next. The Police Department says it's only 11 percent. And now the Union is accusing Chief Cathy Lanier of cooking the numbers.

9 NEWS NOW Reporter Lindsey Mastis talked with Mayor-Elect Vince Gray about the discrepancy.

"No, I had not heard the numbers, and I think this is something I want to talk to Chief Lanier about," he said.  

Kristopher Baumann, the head of DC's Police Union, blames Chief Cathy Lanier. He says the numbers were misrepresented in 2009 because that was the year Mayor Adrian Fenty was up for re-election.

"This department, this chief, and the former mayor failed to warn people," he said. "They've aggregated misdemeanor sexual assaults such as groping and inappropriate touching with felony rapes, and by putting them all together, it makes it appear that a huge problem is only a minor problem."

Chief Lanier showed 9 NEWS NOW all the sexual assault numbers for the year and says Baumann's allegations about cooking the numbers are false.

"He's accused Ramsey of cooking the numbers, he's accused me of cooking the numbers every year," she said, "Everybody that's looked into it has seen that there's no cooking of the numbers."  

She says it's Baumann that's twisted the numbers and is misquoting statistics.

"That's the problem, he doesn't know what he's talking about," Lanier said.

Meanwhile, Mayor-Elect Gray says he'll be taking a close look.

"Does there need to be an investigation?" asked Mastis.

"Well, I need to look at the numbers first of all, and I need to look at the chief. I don't want to be precipitous or premature in making any statements in that regard, so I'm not prepared to discuss that."



















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