Hulk Hogan Wedding Fight: Video Released Of Photographer Scuffle

1:21 PM, Dec 17, 2010   |    comments
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CLEARWATER BEACH, Fla. (WTSP) -- On Tuesday, Hulk Hogan and his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel tied the knot at his home on Clearwater Beach, but it wasn't without some controversy.

The police were called after a fight broke out between a photographer and a Hogan family friend during the ceremony. A police report was filed, but nobody was arrested.

On Thursday the photographer, 35-year-old Robert "Bobby" Martinez, released the video of the incident that was supposed to be his "world exclusive."

With his attorney at his side, he says he was offered about $20,000 for the short 23 second long clip of the confrontation by at least two different media outlets, but decided to release it without pay instead.

"Bobby just wants to make it clear he is not trying to get money out of this incident," said his attorney, John F. McGuire.

Martinez says he doesn't plan to press charges and says its not about the money; he just doesn't want people to think they can get away with assaulting him.

Martinez estimates the incident, which he called a "world exclusive," lost him as much as $500,000 in money he could have made by selling the wedding video... had he captured it.

"This guy, by attacking me, took food off the table from my children. That's an easy way to put it," said Martinez.

Martinez contends he at no time stepped on private property as he tried to capture the very private moment. "I've been doing this for seven years. I pretty much know not to go on private property."

But, the police report notes Martinez appeared to in fact be on private property during the incident and that the officer advised him to "do more research before videotaping or photographing in the City of Clearwater."

"I felt I was done wrong by the police officers," he said.

READ: Clearwater Police's report of the incident (PDF)

The man seen in the video waving away Martinez's camera is Ron Howard, a family friend of the Hulk Hogan.

Howard tells 10 News he asked Martinez several times to leave before the incident.

"He had been all over the private property quite a bit when I had noticed him," he said.

"It was a disturbance to the wedding, they were in the middle of their vows," said Howard.

Howard says the Hogans were more focused on their vows than the wedding crasher.

"It was a non-issue. They were just happy that I wasn't hurt throughout the ordeal," he told 10 News.

There were a few scary moments for him when Martinez is heard on the video saying he had a gun.

Martinez was not armed and explained why he said that, "I made that comment because someone was shoving me and trying to attack me and break my camera. My greatest concern was getting that shot."

Martinez says he takes pride in maintaining a low profile while on the job.

"In almost seven years, I have never had a physical altercation until this Tuesday and this past Tuesday," said Martinez.

That second incident he is referring to involved a scuffle with the father of baseball star Derek Jeter.

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Martinez says he was on the road and off private property when Jeter's father came after him.

Criminal charges have not been filed in either case, or by either side.

However, Martinez and his attorney say they would like to speak with Mr. Jeter and Ron Howard to come up with some sort of resolution.

When asked what that resolution would be, both men said they didn't know, but it wouldn't involve money.

We also asked why he decided to come forward and speak with the media. He told us he wanted to comment after getting numerous phone calls from reporters.

But, also hinted at another motive...

"This isn't the end of my career, sadly, it's the launch of another career."

When asked by 10News to elaborate, he smiled and replied, "I really don't want to discuss that."

He wouldn't budge with an answer when pressed again.

But, Howard and his attorney have an idea what it may all be about.

"I think it's all just a profit for himself," said Howard.

Disclosure: Bobby Martinez has done some freelance for work for 10 News in the past.

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