Kathy Griffin Is A Suspect In Unusual Burglary

11:13 PM, Dec 14, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Police are on the lookout for an alleged thief that shares the same name as a popular comedienne, Kathy Griffin. But police say what she's doing is no laughing matter.

When she showed up at a Chevy Chase home whose owner rents a room, she'd already paid for a one-night stay. But, she had no luggage and asked about the alarm system.

"One thing I thought was strange because nobody's asked me that, right up front she said, will you tell me the security code?" said Helen Rudinsky.

Before the middle-aged brunette even stepped inside, she also seemed to know the floor plan.

"Well, she said what about this bedroom and that bedroom and I just thought, that's odd," said Rudinsky.

Rudinsky has rented a room in her home to Senators, World Bank employees and other professionals. And she's never had an experience like this. A laptop computer and $100 in cash disappeared from her home as quickly as the renter.

When she was gone, Helen also noticed the tabs holding in her screen window had all been moved. 

"There's six of them and I found it here," she said, gesturing to a spot on the dining room floor.

The back door had been unlocked. 

"It was closed but unlocked," said Rudinsky. "So I don't know if she called people and they came the back way."

The renter only stayed for 30 minutes. Long enough to steal, say police, and case the neighborhood. 

Police say a "Kathy Griffin," not the comedienne, has been on their radar for the last few years.  Investigators believe she may be part of a larger crime ring.

Written by Andrea McCarren

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