Witnesses Of Murder Receive Threat

11:34 PM, Nov 21, 2010   |    comments
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MANASSAS, Va. (WUSA) -- Some residents say retaliation has already begun.

Police say a second stabbing was reported Saturday evening that was related to the deadly stabbing of an Osbourn High School 9th grader on Friday.

2 people including another student has been charged with murder and gang participation. In the second stabbing incident, the victim survived.

Many are concerned the violence will continue.

A grieving Paula Sosa talks about losing her youngest brother, 15-year-old Miguel (Mickie) Hernandez, to MS-13 gang members.

Sosa says, "They take his life without doing nothing, nothing. We know he was not in a gang."

Police and the school system believe Hernandez was not in a gang but there may have been someone in his circle that was.

Police say the suspects have a connection to a gang.

Hernandez was stabbed to death moments after he left Osbourn High School Friday afternoon. He was walking with several friends to an after school center near Bartow and Grant Streets. The stabbing happened near school but off campus.

9NewsNow talked with people who say they witnessed the murder.

While being interviewed they say they received a threatening text. It was the reason our time with them was cut short as they scrambled into their cars.

On the surface the picture seems innocent, but those who received it say the Elmo is draped in a bandana with MS-13 blue and white gang colors and meant as a threat on their life.

24-hours later, Saturday night, there was another stabbing at the Grant Avenue Shopping Center. Many know it as the flea market.

Witnesses say, the stabbing that resulted in non-life threatening injuries, was in retaliation to Hernandez's death.

The concern now turns to Osbourn High School where the victim and one of the suspects in Friday's homicide attended.

The city, police and the school system have been communicating throughout the weekend and say there will be heightened security both inside and outside of the school on Monday.

Some parents and students say they're afraid of going to school.

Daniella Rodriguez is a senior at Osbourn High and says, "I'm worried about it. I'm scared. A lot of my friends are too. That's all we've been talking about."

City Manager Larry Hughes says, "They shouldn't be afraid to come to school. There will be an increased police presence. This was not a school event it happened out in the community. The school has been and will be secure. There will be a heightened readiness tomorrow. I'm not sure if we can avoid retaliation but we can be prepared for any event that happens at the school. We don't anticipate one."

Paula Sosa says she wants the violence to end. She says, "It needs to be stopped. I have a son the same age. This hurts all families and we don't want this to happen again."


Written by Surae Chinn


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